Guidelines of Using Crystals

Published Date: 7/17/2021 8:50:36 AM

How to choose a Crystal?

  • Once you are open to receiving information from crystals, you may receive messages, visions, and even feel a pulsation in your hands, third eye, or heat all over your body.
  • When you are intuitively drawn/connect to any crystal, there's a sense of knowing that this crystal is meant for you or someone you know.
  • Trust that inner guidance.

To Remember :

  • Your spirit is not in your body. Your Body is in your spirit. And the Crystals you choose to wear/meditate with will enhance your energy field and raise your vibration to that frequency that is meant for your highest good to clear blockages that aren't serving you any longer.
  • Depending on the crystal u choose (e.g. Black Tourmaline/Tiger Eye) your Auric field will remain protected at all times.
  • If you want to vibrate at a frequency of love (Rose Quartz). 
  • If you want abundance in your life (Citrine: solar energy) etc.
  • In this way, your energy field works in synergy with the Crystal.
  • Before you meditate/wear your crystal.

Cleanse your Crystal:

  • When people touch a crystal, they leave energetic imprints behind on the stone.
  • This energy may be positive or negative. But we need to clear it.

Ways of cleansing our Crystal:

  • Take a glass bowl to add some sea salt to the water. Leave your Crystals in the water overnight. Wash them under running water and pat them dry.


  • Run your crystal over with sage leaves, sandalwood, Jasmine, or Mogra.
  • You can use a crystal wand to clean your crystal.

Essential Oils: Place a few drops in a bowl of water. Soak overnight.

Sunlight: Place your Crystals on the window sill or terrace for a day.

Moonlight: Pop the crystal into the moonlight to recharge its batteries, or use a proprietary crystal recharger.

Sound: Clear with Tibetan bell or singing bowl. Reiki symbols work well to clear crystals.

Programming our Crystals :

  • Before using them in magic, crystals should be 'charged' or 'programmed' with energy. This is done simply by :
  • Holding the stone in your projective hand (usually the right, but the left for lefties),  visualizing your magical need (the desire you choose to manifest), pouring energy out from your body into the crystal as white light.
  • This energy is personal power. It resides within all of us. We can move this energy from our bodies Into crystals to help us achieve our magical goals.
  • The movement of this or other forms of natural energy is at the heart of magic. See the power flowing out from your body, through your projective hand, and into the stone. Charge it with the energy of your magical need-love, money, power, health.
  • When you know that the stone is vibrating with your personal power, the charging is complete.
  • This simple process is performed before wearing a new crystal or during the reprogramming of a crystal for the next achievable goal.
  • Crystals can be used for: Healing, Meditation, Manifestation, Protection, Affirmations, Energizing, Downloading information, e.g. Record-keepers (Lumerian)
  • While meditating with crystals you can also ask the crystal to help you stay grounded during your meditations.
  • And post the meditation thank crystal for helping you in staying grounded.
  • You can always recharge and energize your crystal in the sunlight and moonlight (Full moons are the best) or by using high vibration angelic / Reiki energy as and when you feel it's needed.
  • Not all crystals can be kept in the sunlight (as some fade in sunlight e.g. Rose Quartz) and some crystals are water-soluble and may dissolve in water (e.g. Selenite). So please make sure u have thorough knowledge about your crystal prior to cleaning/ energizing it.
  • I wish u a transformation experience with your crystal.
  • Divine Love, Light, Protection & Abundance to you. 

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