Published Date: 6/17/2023 6:09:03 AM

  • The definition of Ayurveda is the dynamic state of balance between mind, body and environment.
    Ayurveda is one of the fastest modes to good health as Ayurveda follows a simple path that is developed or is appropriate to your body type or dosha. Ayurveda follows the concept of understanding the doshas in order to heal oneself. The three ayurvedic body types, or doshas, are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each type of dosha has a unique set of characteristics and the body type of a person depends on their physical and emotional attributes. To maintain good health and state of mind it is necessary to know your dosha, in order to practice suitable diet, exercise and lifestyle pattern. Today, we dig deep into the Ayurveda concept, and help you to find out which dosha you actually belong to so that you can attain good health.


  • Doshas (also called Tridosha) are the three vital energies in Ayurveda and simplify the rather complex system of the five elements (fire, water, earth, ether and air, ) that the sages used to explain the ayurvedic principles. They are the basis of any system in nature. Every Dosha consists of two of those five elements with one dominating and one subordinate element. These Doshas can be seen as the dynamic forces responsible for all the processes within our body and mind. They describe physical characteristics as well as mental preferences and Ayurveda aims to keep the Doshas in balance as an overly strong influence of one Dosha can cause all kinds of undesirable conditions. Their names Vata, Pitta and Kapha are Sanskrit terms that are difficult to translate to Western languages so they are best described by their features and effects on body and mind:


         Air, Ether—the movement principle. Light, cold, dry, mobile, subtle and rough.

        Fire, Water—the energy principle. Light, hot, greasy, sharp and fluid.

        Water, Earth—the structure principle. Heavy, cold, greasy, stable and softening.


  • Benefits of knowing your Ayurvedic body type
    -Personal analysis of dosha helps you know about your body and its requirements

    -Knowing your dosha can help you maintain optimal health.

    -It will help you to maintain a good and balanced personal, family and professional life

    -Helps you to plan your lifestyle according to the requirements of your body

    -Dosha analysis will help you plan a balanced diet

    -This can help you to know how an imbalance is likely to occur in yourself.




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