Published Date: 6/17/2023 6:09:13 AM

  • Are you a Kapha?

    Kapha body type is governed by water and earth elements.

Body structure – People belonging to this class usually have the largest of all the body types. Physically they have wide hips and shoulders. They have thick and wavy hair. They generally have very good stamina. They are often overweight and tend to gain weight very easily. Their teeth are strong and very well-formed. Their pulse is slow and steady.

Lifestyle – They usually have a moderate or low appetite and their digestion is very slow. They enjoy eating luxury foods that taste and smell good. In the physical activity, they are very slow. However, they are also very sluggish, lethargic, and difficult to motivate. They love to sleep a lot.

Communication – They have a pleasant appearance and voice.

Mental state – They are slow learners, but their memory is very great. Emotionally, they tend to be very loyal and stable.

Nature – They like to be in familiar surroundings. They are money-savers and they are very good providers as well. Typically, they are serene and tranquil and their emotions are slow to become excited or aroused. However, they can be sentimental, nostalgic, and romantic in nature. They are highly tolerant and forgiving, with medium intelligence. They prefer to belong to a group, club, or community. They cling to their family or familiar associations.

Types - 5 types of Kapha dosha.

  1. Kledaka Kapha - Governs moistening and liquefying of the food in the initial stages of digestion. Located in the upper part of the stomach.
  2. Avalambhaka Kapha - Governs lubrication of the heart and lungs. Provides strength to the back, chest, and heart. Located in the chest, heart, and lungs.
  3. Tarpaka Kapha - Governs calmness, happiness, and stability. Nourishment of sense and motor organs. Located in the head, sinuses, and cerebra-spinal fluid.
  4. Bodhaka Kapha - Governs perception of taste, lubricating, and moistening of food. Located in the tongue, mouth, and throat.
  5. Shleshaka Kapha - Governs lubrication of all joints. Located in the joints.

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