What is Body

Published Date: 6/17/2023 6:08:32 AM

The body is classified into 5 categories. These are Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Body.
Physical Body- Our vehicle here on earth.
Etheric Body- Where Chakra (energy centers) system resides.
Emotional Body / Feeling Body- The frequency within which we sense and feel.
Mental Body- Comprising our thought and beliefs.
Spiritual Body- Our Basic nature or pure energy.
It has 3 different dimensions.
1. Physical- always leaves the body in excretion. The physical body is made up of the fruit we eat. Sense work for the physical body. 
2. Subtle- becomes nourishment/ forms the physical body.
3. Subtlest- becomes your thoughts, energy becoming your thought.
7 Dhatus, 5 Jnanendriyas, 5 Karmendriyas, 4 Antahkaranas
7 Dhatus/ 7 Tissues- 7 building blocks of the physical body born from the Doshas.
Physical things:
1. Plasma - the source of red/white blood cells
2. Blood
3. Bone Marrow
4. Muscle
5. Bone
6. Fat
7. Reproductive Tissues
5 Jnanendriyas (Five Sense Organs- Organs of Cognition):-
Ears (Shotra): The organ of hearing, having sound as its object.
Eyes (Chakshu): The organ of sight having visible forms as its object.
Nose (Grahna): The organ of smell, having smell (odors) as its object.
Tongue (Jivha): The organ of tasting, having flavors as its object.
Skin (Tvak): The organ of feeling, having touch (contact) as its object.
5 Karmendriyas (The organs of actions):-
The mouth: (the organ of speech)
The feet: (the organ to move(walk))
The hands: (the organ to grasp(force, work on outer))
The anus: (the organ of excretion)
The genitals: (the organ of procreation)
4 Antahkaranas (inner Conscience, inner being).
‘Antah’ means inside and ‘Karana’ means that which functions.
Manas(Mind): indeterminate thinking, just being aware that something is there and automatically registers the facts which the senses perceive.
Chitta: Subconscious action.


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