Fire (Agni)

Published Date: 6/17/2023 6:08:46 AM

  • Fire, the principle of┬áradiance

The element of fire represents the form without substance and has the power to transfer the state of any substance. In the body, it is responsible for digestion and perception and connected to the eyes and therefore sight. Fire is the dominant element in the Pitta Dosha.

Ether provides fire the space to burn while air provides fire the capacity to burn. Hence, the third element is a fire which evolves from ether and air. Just as the sun is the generator of energy for the earth, fire is the generator of energy for the body.

Fire originates from Roopa, the tanmatra of vision. Roopa means to form or color, both of which are the result of perception. This is why fire is the primordial form of perception, light, and vision. It provides the light for perception. The eyes are the vehicle through which light is received and perception takes place. Hence, the eyes are considered to be the sense organ of fire.

Disorders of visual perception are a result of a disturbance of the fire element. It is through the feet that we act upon what we see. By using the feet, a person can change his direction or intensity of progress based on perception. Hence, the organ of action associated with the fire element is the feet.

Fire represents light, heat, energy, metabolism, and the power of transformation. People with a strong fire element in their constitution have leadership qualities and are adventurous, brave, confident, motivated, energetic, and progressive. They are eager in pursuing goals and are full of youthful spirit.


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