Earth (Prithvi)

Published Date: 6/17/2023 6:08:56 AM

  • Earth, the principle of inertia

The earth element represents the solid state of matter and along with water is responsible for the physical constitution of the body. Bones, teeth, and tissues are considered earth elements. Earth connects to the nose and the sense of smell. Water and Earth form the Kapha Dosha.

The fifth element of the five great elements is Prithvi, because it evolves out of the other four, hence containing the essence of these elements within it. Ether provides earth with the space to exist and air provides earth with subtle movements. Fire is latent within the earthbound by chemical bonds, and water is inherent within the earth as a bridge between gaseous and solid matter.

The earth element represents the matter of the universe. It gives form to the human body and all creation. This structure provided by the earth is the conduit through which all other elements flow.

Earth originates from gandha, the tanmatra of smell. The state of the earth element in the body and the capacity to smell have a special relationship. Gandha enables the experience of smell, while the earth element enables smell to be experienced in the body. The nose is the vehicle through which the gandha tanmatra manifests, so it is considered to be the sense organ of earth.

Through consumption and defecation, the balance of the earth in the body is regulated. This makes the rectum the organ of action associated with the earth. Disorders of the ability to smell are the result of the vitiation of the earth in the body.

A person who demonstrates a strong earth element is someone who is methodical, reliable, stable, and perhaps stubborn.

In the evolution of elements, ether is the subtlest of all. As ether becomes active it evolves into the air. Ether and air give fire space and the capacity to burn. Fire causes the air to become dense and form water. This process continues until water gives us the earth element.

Hence, we see that in each evolution from one element to the next, nature becomes denser. All elements are born of the ether element and are contained in the earth element.

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