Atharva Veda : The Book of Spell

Published Date: 6/17/2023 6:08:03 AM

  • The Atharva-Veda (the wisdom of the Atharvans) is called so because the families of the atharvan sect of the Brahmins have traditionally been credited with the composition of the hymns of the Veda. This is the last of the four Vedas and is completely different from the other Vedas.
  • It is considered next only to Rig-Veda with regard to history and sociology because its compilation of hymns lacks the remarkable spiritual experience that the Rig-Veda offers. Its hymns are of a more diverse nature than the Rig Veda and are also simpler in language and therefore it infuses a different experience.
  • In fact, many scholars do not consider it part of the Vedas at all. The Atharva Veda consists of spells and charms prevalent at its time and portrays a clearer picture of the Vedic society. It has incantations for everything, from success in love to the realization of otherworldly objectives.
  • Ayurveda itself eventually evolved from the fourth book, theĀ Atharva-Veda, which discusses spirituality as a healing aspect.

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