Published Date: 6/17/2023 6:09:11 AM

  • Are you a Pitta?

    Pitta body type is by the fire element.

Body structure – People belonging to this class are medium build. They have good muscle tone and they always feel warm. They have premature gray hair or a victim of early balding. They have a reddish complexion, enjoy high energy levels and have a good digestive system. Their skin is soft, warm often develop freckles, moles and are sunburned easily.

Lifestyle – Their desire for food and sex is very strong. Their sleep is moderate and is not easily disturbed. Their pulse is strong. They often dominate any conversation. They dislike hot weather, sunlight, and heat.

Communication - They usually speak loudly and with passion.

Mental state – They are extremely intelligent, focused, and ambitious people. Emotionally, they are passionate about life, have a tendency to be perfectionists, and can become easily irritated.

Nature – They are usually extroverts and love to be the center of attention. They manage money very carefully. They often aspire to attain positions of leaders. They enjoy competitive sports and games, either as spectators or participants. Their intelligence is high, and they have good insight and a keen sense of discrimination.

Types - 5 types of Pitta dosha.

  1. Pachaka Pitta - Governs digestion of food which is broken down into nutrients and waste. Located in the lower stomach and small intestine.
  2. Ranjaka Pitta - Governs formation of red blood cells. Gives color to blood and stools. Located in the liver, gallbladder, and spleen.
  3. Alochaka Pitta - Governs visual perception. Located in the eyes.
  4. Sadhaka Pitta - Governs emotions such as contentment, memory, intelligence, and digestion of thoughts. Located in the heart.
  5. Bharajaka Pitta - Governs luster and complexion, temperature and pigmentation of the skin. Located in the skin.

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