5 Koshas in ayurveda helps our well being

Published Date: 6/17/2023 6:09:00 AM

5 Koshas in ayurveda helps our well being . These are :

  • Annamaya kosha: Gross reality- Physical body, that comes from food.
  • Pranamaya kosha: Behind this kosha is the energy blueprint and that is called Pranamaya kosha because prana is energy and energy is the first blueprint or template you can say, on which the physical body is resting. And if we go further subtler,
  • Manomaya kosha: Behind the prana is the manomaya kosha which means, the basic sum total of all the thoughts that going on in our mind, that makes mind stuff. Behind the mind are feelings.
  • Vigyanmaya kosha: is about the higher intellect or discrimination or you can also say the intuitive intelligence which is eminating from calm feelings, wisdom coming for the body.
  • Anandamaya kosha: the final kosha, or main essence of life, anandamaya kosha, or spirit which is individualized from the soul. So these are the 5 koshas, and subtle reality or the gross reality.

If we see from the well being perspective, if there is harmony in all the koshas which are subtler, then the grosser one, the physical body automatically starts falling in place. And in order to understand that, the easiest thing is if our thought and feelings are in harmony, or says the essence of health is harmony, then well-being is a natural by-product.

A beautiful tale from the Taittiriya-Upanishad:-

Bhrigu, the son of Varuna, approached his father Varuna and said: "Venerable Sir, teach me about Brahman. 

Bhrigu, a great rishi (sage) approached his father Varuna, the god of all seas, Lord, instruct me on how to experience Brahman, the god Varuna says: Son go within and find what your body is made of - then you will find God. Sit down in meditation, and ask yourself. Is soul my body, what is my body made up of? Once you understand your body is made up of, you will experience God. So go inside, Seek the answer within.

He sits down in meditation. The body is completely unmoving. After sitting a few days, he cames out from meditation and says to his father

  • "annam brahmeti vyajanat" - Physical body. The food we take form into 5 elements.
    Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether. The physical body is made up of these 5 elements. Varuna says there is something more subtle. Go deeper within and realize what it is. Bhrugu goes into deep silence. The body is still. He goes deep within. not for a day, but 6 days, per month complete in mobility. Walking towards to begin to feel the power of his stillness.
  • And then after a few months, Bhrugu comes out and he says "prano brahmeti vyajanat"-He says, I can realize that it is not the material body that we are built up, but it's prana. Be intelligent, vitality within us.
    That I am not this body. It is Pranas, those physical elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether emerged. Then he goes and says that this Pranas, the intelligence. It is conscious and he says "swayameba pranabrahmeti" 
    i.e. by itself, it can expand, By itself, it can contract. Without any external agency, intelligence, consciousness, ever-expanding prana is the source of energy. 
  • Varuna says that there is something more subtle that you are found out. Go deeper within and realize what it is. Then he goes into meditation. Deep silence, not many days, not many months, but many years. Last time eyes eyes are moving, this time body is still, eyes are still.
    After many years he comes back on a resonate voice, he declared, "mano brahmeti vyajanat" It is from my thought that moves the prana and it is from the movement of prana that eminates my physical form.
  • Varuna says I am very happy my dear son. There is something deeper, that you found. Go deeper within and realize what within. Now you go into a silence. not for days, months, years , but for decades. He seeks that the names and fames. Happiness comes to a form, body becomes diminished. for many decades, eventually comes out and declares to his father. "Vigyano brahmeti vyajanat." He says we have within us the inherent ability to know right from wrong. All of us have. Out of the source, always know, what is right and wrong. Is anything that sustains the universe, that forms the creation, that destroys creation is disharmony. Wisdom/gyan which plays in it's cosmic sense. Vigyana means individualised. This individualised wisdom, that helps the mind what to think and from those past, the intelligent vitality is moved and that sustains the body. Source of the body is inner wisdom, that we all possess. 
  • Varun Says, there is something even more subtle. Go deep within and realize what is it. Now he goes into silence. He doesn't come back. Light illuminates, that heals. Now the father says, that he realised. He uses his yogic power. Universe itself speaks and he says,
    "Anandam brahmeti dibyajanat". Anandam, bliss is the ultimate reality. He says , I lost myself into the infinity and loosing myself. I found god. He says the essence of god , the bliss. I can see myself.


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