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Published Date: 9/1/2021 5:21:08 AM

Three concepts of perceiving the GOD

Scriptural Dictum - Shastra Pranama
Yantra - Mechanical Unit

If we think we have five elements of this universe, like earth, fire, water, air, ether, which can also be known as ingredients of this universe.

We all see occasions, mountains, earth but we do not know who created it, we see beautiful townships, railroads, curvy roads by an engineer who is a human being.

Who meddles with these things. Who kept these original things. Original one modified by Human beings. One is a unseens person who is created and one is seen as a human being. If we take only manufacturers, only they can repair their product. So a person meddles are modify nature is the one who knows the creator/ unseen person while creating it.

So unknow = Creator = Self (So we were creators before life)
Known - Repairer of his own work = Human ( we are re-creators in this life)
We will be co-creators afterlife (Once we give up bodies)

So if we are not in the human body we are unseen, but we created all thee as souls with the unseen bodies.

Spiritual science says - We were unseen (Before Life, we are seen ( In this Present life) and we will be unseen (After-life).

Avyaktadini Bhutani (In the beginning we have not manifested)
Vyakta-madhyani Bharata ( In the middle we are seen)
Avyakta-Nidhanany eva ( again we will become unmanifested when we give up our body) 
Tatra ka Paridevana - Bhagavadgita (Why are you crying for this ) -- Krishna says to Arjuna.

Physical science -- the creation of known things - Visible
Spiritual science -- Creator of Unknown things - Invisible

Who & Where is GOD?

A Mechanical Unit - An Industrial unit
For example, a printer which is a mechanical unit will have many parts. These parts size will differ their shape, size, color, etc. Each part is doing different work than others. Which means various functions. All together ti is producing some printing paper. This is working on some power which could be electricity.

Electrical energy = Matter X Light & Heat

Similarly, if we imagine, all this universe is a machine, we have humans, plants, animals are all different pars in this universe. All these are all working. To work all these parts also we need power. On the basis of which the entire universe is working is called energy. Where is this energy? As we do not know the name of this energy, that is called GOD. This energy is nirakara.. ( No shape) which we can not describe. That power is there everywhere. Is it not that power is within us? Then we are also called GOD. This energy is the cause of every existence. The same GOD exists in all Humans, Animals, Plants & Birds.

i.e, Spiritual energy = Soul X Body + Mind.

A fan has the body called USHA -- A Man has the body called RAM.
USHA works with Energy -- RAM works with Spirits
USAH Stops if energy is Zero -- RAM stops if energy is Zero.
Energy = Effect - Creation
If the energy is the soul then...
Full 100 % = Activity / Live/ Run
70 % = Sick / Walking
30% = Only Sitting
10% = Only Sleeping
0% = Dead/ No activity

Here this energy has no name, shape or color.
All the energy is the same, small or big.

How does Energy Emerge?

Space -- Energy -- particles of GOD ( these particles have qualities of expansion and contraction which is in a physical body)
Particles -- Elements with Energy
Energies -- Forces released
Forces -- Idea in Brains
Ideas - Thoughts
Thoughts -- Words expressed
Words -- Actions
Actions -- Energy Emerging

Kinds of energy :

Electro - Electrical, mechanical, thermal, chemical, gravitational, Radiant, etc - electrons (Non-moving body energies)
Spiritual energy -- Love, light, and power -- Spiritons (Moving body)

Source of Spiritual energy: We have five elements that release forces which in turn release energies that emerge as ideas, which generate thoughts, that change into words to result in action. -- Spiritons.

All human activities generated by Spiritons will create the actions we do.

We have one more type of energy, Lifetrons which may go in Astral bodies.

Spirits or energies may go as electrons into non-moving bodies or they may go as spirtons/ Lifetrons into the moving bodies/ Astral bodies as per their requirement or experiencing/ karmas.

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