Divine Purity & Vegetarianism

Published Date: 7/17/2021 2:29:28 AM

Divine Purity & Vegetarianism:

  • Three important ingredients of Spiritual science is Ability (light), Love (Nobility and power (Capability).
  • Divine purity is related to Divinity in Theology. (Subject of GOD).
  • Divinity is beyond doubt - It is subtle, People cannot follow because of its subtlety.
  • Spiritual science alone cannot prove divinity since there are no parameters to measure Divinity.
  • Divinity is not explainable since we ourselves are divine.
  • Spiritual science is understood better when couples with physical sciences because subject and object are both founded on the Consciousness of spiritons.
  • A New science namely “ Spiritual - Physical science” must evolve to understand “Divine purity or Spiritual Dynamics”
  • Albert Einstein - A Physical scientist, Germany
  • “Try and penetrate with or limited means the secrets of Nature”
  • There you find something subtle, intangible, and inexplicable.
  • Veneration of this force beyond anything that we comprehend is my religion i.e. Cosmic Religion.
  • Matter as such is inactive, but by the presence of the Spirit it gets animated like a live bird.

The bird:

  • “There are two birds on a tree one goes around the other keeps observing that “ Those two birds are Mind and soul. Soul sitting inside and wandering what Mind is doing. -- (Mandukya Upanishad)
  • “Consciousness is a principle that fundamentally transcends not only physics and Chemistry but also the Mechanistic principles of living beings” --- Michael Polany, British Scientist
  • “I maintain that human mystery is incredibly demeaned by scientific Reductionism”
  • We are spiritual beings with souls existing in a spiritual world and Material beings with bodies and brains existing in material worlds” -- John Eccles, A Nobel laureate
  • “We can admittedly find nothing in Physics and chemistry that has even a remote bearing on consciousness
  • Yet all of us know that we have it ourselves” -- Niel Bohr
  • “The most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the Dominion of an intelligent and powerful being --- Issac Newton
  • “I have endeavored for human reason aided by Geometrical calculation an insight into his way of creation “ -- Kepler
  • “There is a fundamental mystery in my personal existence, transcending the biological account of my body and brain” -- John Eccl, A Nobel laureate in Medicine and Physiology
  • Are you a seeker of truth? We are then human, till such time, we are not humans!
  • How? Can a bird ask the meaning of its existence? -- Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON
  • Subject and object are the same with no qualitative difference -- Srila Prabhupada ISKCON
  • “The fundamental qualities of the spiritual particle, namely spiritonor Atman are “Sat[Eternal] Cit[To know] and Anad[Sublime Happiness]” & “Swecha and Cetana”
  • Sprititon is Beyond ornery sense perception, but it can be inferred ---Vedanta & Sciences series
  • “Scientific inquiry about spirton is spiritual-scientific inquiry without spiritual knowledge is one-sided. Science will be complete only with spiritual knowledge"
  • Yoga discipline is the only way, gaining self-knowledge is the right path of knowing divinity -- by meditation.


  • Food habits - Vegetarianism
  • Why do we need food?
  • Role of food in body & Mind
  • When food is digested:
  • Frosser particles -- Excrement - body waste
  • Middle ones (mind) -- Building the body

Role of food in the Thinking process :

  • Finer particles of food form part of the mind, i.e. thinking process.
  • As is the food, so is the thought.
  • Eatables can change your attitude.
  • What you eat is what you are -- a Healthy body is a healthy mind.

What food we are offering to GOD?
"Patram" (Leafy veg) -- "Phalam" (Fruits)- "Toyam" (Water)

  • We are also GODs, there cannot be different food for us. As we officer only vegetarian food to go.  Animal food is not human food! Why, because..it involves the killing of animals. Killing is violence. Avoid Animal Food.
  • Eating dead animals makes your belly a burial ground for them. We refuse to be killed, so is with animals.
  • Violence Against anyone is a crime. We cannot afford to be criminal or cruel.
  • We should co-exist with all creatures on the earth planet. We should be friends with all on the planet.
  • Vegetarian - Fruitarian - Breatharian
  • Vegans are renunciation Animal derivatives such as Milk, curd, etc.
  • The source of Energy

Some animals are vegetarians, some humans is not !!

  • Man Eats animal for energy -- Animal Eats plants for energy.
  • Energy abundance coming Meditationen form of cosmic energy.
  • Long life is sustainable by pranic food and not material food.
  • Can we get energy from physical food? - No energy comes from any food unless it is digested properly. (Supported by life system - Samana)
  • Energy food --Pranic food
  • From sleeping also we get cosmic food. When we sleep,
  • Energy - From meditation in abundance - No limits.
  • Energy - From food limited if digested.
  • Meditation Energy is Atomic energy.
  • Food of Soul is Cosmic energy.
  • Soul breathe for food. Breath dips in the ocean brain waves and gets onto the silent energy pool, becomes the passage of energies to the soul.
  • "Atmas" Soul will not take any solid food.
  • Layers of silence - Food
  • Beta: Brain wave 1 to 30 cycles per second; (Silence)
  • Human consciousness: thought food is consumed still feel empty.
  • Alpha: Divine plan (More silence)
  • Brain waves: 8 to 13 per second
  • Sometimes hungry. Cosmic energy will be filled up from meditation.
  • Theta: Divine plan (Complete silence)
  • Brainwaves: 4 to 7 cycles per second.
  • Noble: No taking any input/Food only giving. No need for any physical food. Here we will connect to the universal energy system. Our astral body will be released frequently.
  • Delta: divine plan
  • Brainwaves = 0
  • Love - Joy
  • Divine nutrition: Meditation + Speaking truth + Swadhyaya
  • No food - Energetic food.
  • Healthy life, Healthy body, and Healthy mind.
  • Great Men Are Vegetarian: Socrates, Plato, Diagenesis, Pythagoras, Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Bernar Shaw, Gautama Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi.

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