Emotion, Reaction, Response

Published Date: 7/17/2021 1:47:32 AM

Emotion, Reaction, Response:-

Emotion - Energy in motion, Not entirely based on reason/knowledge.
These emotions are not balanced. There is no application of mind for some emotions.

Emotions are Nine (9) usually that we experience in our day to day life.

1. Peace 2. Fearful 3.Comppassionate 4. Humorous
5. Angry 6. Disgusting 7. Lovable 8.Courageous 9. Surprising.

Two types of emotions as all these emotions can be divided into two types

* Painless - Painful
* Painless thoughts - Painful thoughts
No-Harm (Mind) - Disruptive (Mind)

Painless emotions - 5

Calm mind - Uprightness - Shanta Bhava - Peace
Kind/Compassion - Love - No hating/grudge Madhura Bhava - Sweet talk
Togetherness - Friendship - Equanimity - Sakhya Bhava - Friendly
Service - Positive - DasyaBhava - Service
Wide heart (Accommodative nature) - Help - Vatsalya Bhava - Caring

Painful emotions - 6

Routes for 6 - Six disruptive conducts

Desire, anger, greediness, Illusion, arrogance, Jealousy (KAMA, KRODHA, LOBHA, MOHA, MADA, MATSARYA)

[Non-Spontaneous: Desire; illusion]

Painless emotions are okay, but painless emotions are not okay. Painful emotions should be sublimated but not suppressed. Suppressed emotions bounce back like a fire spark in the hand.
Sublimation means removing from roots, but not suppressed. When we get mastery over the mind, we can remove these emotions. If we suppress emotions, it will come back like a volcano at a later point.

Sublimation :
By inquiry in speaking mode.
By diversion of thought.
By Smiles.
By Silence.
Silence is not a weakness but very powerful.

Reaction :

Reaction = Re acting
This is more of a physical nature. Action for action is a physical law.
The reaction is not necessary for human life. As per Newton, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. But for human life, this need not be.

Ex: A glass breaks if dropped - There is no other way. Here there is no other way. Here, the reaction is the slave of action.

Spiritual law against an Action.

Man can :
React - Needs no thinking.
Act - With the application of mind.
Be Silent - With Wisdom.
Act his way - Intellect.
He can exercise his free will.

A man need not break like glass. He had the capacity either to react, not to react, or refrain from action. He had the capacity to exercise his free will.

In Spiritual science :

Tit for tat will not work.
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
Fire spark burns grass, unlike water.
Reaction to action may drop the solution.
A man should be non-reactionary but action-oriented with the application of mind.
Man needs to be less interested in the actions of other men and matter.
No judging/finding fault with other actions.
His mission/goals should be preferable to other actions/distractions/events unless warranted otherwise.
We can learn from any external events/actions without judging/grudging.
A man should be an Introvert, He can be an extrovert at a call/purpose for righteous action.
When someone asking help, is okay, but do not interfere when not asked. Do not go and interfere in anyone's life without asking, which is not right.

Response :

Responding is a must in place of reaction.
The response is always with the application of the mind.
Things will fall in place.
The response can be by inquiry, by reply/compliance, by a smile, by speaking.
Responses are an exercise of free will, discriminatory.
He is balanced/Modesty.
Responses in general terms.

1) One is shouting: No reply is generally expected.
Response: Speaking mode - no re-shouting - No finding fault - acceptable for introspection
This happens to develop an awareness of us.

Your character is dependent on our thoughts, it should not depend on other people's character. If someone shouting at you, means it is their wisdom, do not shout them back. You should use your character, and reaction according to your mind, which should not depend on other persons' actions.

2) One is cheating: Maybe Helpless.
Response: Be careful not to be a victim - No Revenge - No cheating back.

3) One is harassing: Maybe helpless.
Response: Speaking mode
Be perseverance.
Be observer.
No rebuttal.
No finding fault.
This happens to develop oceanic patience in individuals.

4) One is insulting
Response: Accept & observe.
No re-insulting.
No Finding fault.
This happens to develop.

5) One is troubling
Response Checking up the cause.
No finding fault - accept

Adversities are our teachers, It happens to teach us the gaps in individuals.
One who does not accept adversities is egotistic because he is very arrogant that he is beyond the adversities.

A Moderate individual is always action-oriented with equanimity. He is a sweet person. A sweet man like a sugar cane is always sweet; though crushed, twisted, squeezed, beaten or eaten, etc.

Mastery over the mind ensures us to be moderate with emotion, reactions, and responses.

Meditation is the way out.

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