Illusion & Delusion

Published Date: 7/17/2021 1:47:12 AM

Illusion & Delusion:-

Illusion: We mistake the rope to be a snake in the darkness.
Delusion: We mistake the rope to be a snake in the darkness though we are told that it is not a snake in detail. Though you are explained sufficiently well, even though if we take it as a snake, then it is Delusion.

Both "illusion" and "delusion" are nouns, countable, or uncountable according to the situation in which they are used. They both define some ideas that are not real but which are believed by somebody.

The illusion appears to be true. If unknown, it is real. If known, it is unreal.
This illusion & delusion harm our life day in and day out.

When do we use "illusion"?

Unlike "delusion", which has one single meaning, "illusion" is used in more situations, with a secondary sense as well. Firstly, it is defined as an idea that is not true, but secondly, it can also refer to a concept, an object, or an image that is not really what it appears to be. See the examples below to get a better understanding:

Example 1: Stop believing in the illusion that you run this place - you are no longer its owner. - "illusion" defines an idea, an impression that is not true.

Example 2: The optical illusion created by this mirror is really interesting - it makes you look so much thinner! - as a secondary sense, "illusion" can also define the tricky nature of an object, the way something is not what it seems to be.

More examples -- Disruptive Appearance

An oasis in a desert.
Behind sensual pleasure, there are tears
Behind the looks, there is ugliness ( all glitters is not Gold)
The illusion is prevailing all over the universe.

Illusion - Pots hide the classy, Gold rings hide the Gold. Cloth hides the thread. Darkness hides the light.

Delusion: We know we die, but we live as though we do not die. Desires destroy intellect, yet we do not give up. We know the world is of miseries, yet we go for worldly pleasures. We knew we should speak the truth, but we miss.
In spite of the reality known, we do the opposites.
We often hide the truth though we knew we should not hide.
Though we knew Yoga is good, we do not do.
We perceive :
A Temporary thing as a permanent one
A sorrowful one as a joyful one
A spiritual being as a physical being

When do we use "delusion"?

Similar to "illusion" because it defines an idea that is not true, "delusion" is used, anyway, slightly differently. This word is used specifically when somebody believes in something that is not true. The subtle difference between "illusion" and "delusion", therefore, is that "illusion" can remain an abstract concept, while "delusion" is something clearly defining someone's misconception of reality.

Example: He still lives under the delusion that he owns this place. - "delusion" is the false idea that somebody has upon reality.

Illusion -Delusion :

We regard objective knowledge as the real, but we require self-knowledge to
We go for happiness in physicals, but we land up in sorrow!
These two comes under “Maya” in Sanskrit”
Maya is all over the Universe no one is an exception.

Escape Route?
Illusion and delusion are felt in the waking state of mind only. They do not affect a free mind while a sleep mode(Nidra Avastha), dream made(Swapna avasta) and turiya mode( neither awaken, not sleep mode nor Swapna Avasta -- Pure state of no mind state (Athmic State) of mind.

States of consciousness: 1. waking 2. Sleep (Nidra avastha) 3. deep sleep (Swapna avasta) 4. turiya

Turiya, "the Fourth" — Pure Consciousness, both transcends and pervades the three states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. Turiya cannot be described by any instrument of empirical knowledge, because of Its unique nature. It is devoid of all characteristics, specific or generic, being one and without a second.

When a person realizes himself to be Turiya, he is freed from craving for outer objects. He is freed from the false fear and false expectation which plague the phenomenal life. When one knows the true nature of the desert, one no longer runs after the illusory water of the mirage, and when one knows the true nature of the rope, one is not frightened by the idea of the snake falsely superimposed upon it. The realization of the self as Turiya destroys ignorance, desire, attachment, aversion, etc.

It is like the immediate revelation of the rope when the illusory knowledge of the snake is destroyed. When the ignorance that veils the true nature of the rope disappears, the rope is known at once. The knowledge of the rope is not the result of the destruction of the idea of the snake; for the rope has always existed. No other instrument of knowledge is necessary to reveal the rope after the illusory idea of the snake has been destroyed.

Out of four states, illusion and Delusion is happening only in the Awakening state only.
A free mind is non-illusory, During sleep, No mind, No Universe. Sleep has no illusory effect.

We must therefore safeguard ourselves from these two only in a waking state of mind. How?

Training our mind to be free even in the awakening mode of life mending/controlling itself from these disruptive events of nature.
How to train the mind to be free from mental disturbances and to gain mastery over itself?

Control of Mind is Mastery over Mind.

Meditation achieves Master over Mind. In the presence of spiritual knowledge, Delusion/Illusion Disappears.

Meditation removes Illusion/Delusion.

“Yat Yada Acharati Shreshtah Tattat eva itaro Janaah’ -- Bhagavat Gita

Whatever great people do, others follow the same.
If seniors do, Junior follows.

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