Science of Meditation

Published Date: 9/1/2021 5:34:12 AM

Science of Meditation:
Breath is the passage of Energies. Meditation is called Dyana or Dhyanam.
Dheeh + Yana = Dhyana
Dheeh, means Spiritual Intellect (Sharp Thinking/ Spiritual Wisdom/ Understanding un-understandable things) and Yana represents Travelling, which means we have to live with our own consciousness. Because we were not told this from childhood, this science became strange to us. Because of which today’s man is not happy as he is unaware of all these things.
Simple Meditation Technique (Anapanasati): 
Ana - Inhaling
Apana - Exhaling
Sati - Being (Be with the breath or witness your own breath)
Sit comfortably in any posture. Cross your legs. Clasp your hands. Silence your mouth. Close your eyes. Relax all parts of your body. Watch your breathing in and out. Inhale slowly and observe. Exhale slowly and observe.
Duration: One minute a year of one’s age. Ex: 20 Years old man should do for 20 Mins. and 30 years old should do 30 Mins. Any age people, anyplace, anytime we can do that.
Three great happenings :
-When you are with the breath, through disappear and the mind becomes empty.
-When the mind becomes empty, from thoughts, it gets filled in instantly with cosmic energy.
-When cosmic energy is abundantly received, the third eye i.e. spiritual eye gets activated with abundant energy.
Experiences in Meditation:
The Head region appears heavy. The body becomes light. Visualize colors, images. View dynamic objects (state of Vipassana - State of unusual sightseeing things which you cannot see before)
Body pains- Revolves in soul
Fling like a bird in Cosmos (where astral body)
Third eye - Spiritual eyes
There are four eyes with which we can see Super Vision.
Physical eye - which we can see only physical things.
Mental Eye
Divine eye - Eyes that can see unseen things.
Wisdom eye - also called the spiritual eye. Here we get powerful understandable capacity.
Meditation is a link to the unseen worlds. It facilitates astral movements.
Samadhi is the state where metamorphosis takes place (Pupa to Butterfly)
In Meditation, we can understand,
Paramathma - Divine Meaning
Sukshma Vritties - True things
Swarupa - Self
Creativity - Unique
Universal thoughts - Lok Kalyan
Friend of the Globe - Buddha
By astral travel, the astral body fetches' higher knowledge from the celestial worlds to follow.
What is higher Knowledge?
We are one.
We are GODS.
We are part of everyone.
We help (Wisdom).
We forgive.
We love everyone.
Process of change in Meditation: (Pupa to butterfly)
Like the gold when Well burn, loses its impurities and shine better, in a similar way, man gets rid of impurities in the mediation and shines in the bliss of the Brahman.
Gunas - Sattva, Rajo, Tamo Guna's will not be there. We should be mindful of our work but not others' work. No interference from others' work.
Inner enemies - 6 (Anger, desire, greedy, Illusion, Arrogance, Jealousy)
Past karmas - Both good and bad (Free from all Prarabdha, Stay nishkami, perform all actions without expectations)
When we remove all these things, we will be shining.
Transmutation of DNA & RNA (Deoxy-Ribo Nucleic Acid & Ribo Nucleic Acid)
These are some kind of molecules in each cell storing general instructions to start life.
"RNA helps DNA to formulate the kind of Proteins of genetic nature to pass on from body to another body"
"Meditation transmutes these instructions to a new kind of protein of spiritual instructions."
By realization of self, past karmas will be burnt and destiny changes.
One gets enlightened thus:
Alignment of personality with self (Mind will take control by soul and soul will act).
Equanimity, Excellence in performance (Excellence in performance, it is not just perfectness, it is perfectness with cheers, with smiles)
Steady minded.
Self-development/ Self realization.
Meditation Time: can be done any time, any amount of time, any place, whether it is walking, in an office meeting at any other place.
Meditation is not for experiences. It is more about changing ourselves, changing our behaviors.
We cannot avoid thoughts or emotions. We have to control our monkey mind. So give that mind a job, asking it to observe the breath. Even observing a couple of breaths is also meditation. So we can meditate anytime anywhere.
Astral travel: Travelling at the speed of thought. Visiting any place you want. While you are sleeping, your astral body can come out and it can travel to the palace it wants. Silver card is connected to your physical body to your astral body. The moment you think of a physical body you can come back to your physical body.
Ascension: Raising the vibration of your body's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ascension.
Raising the vibrations into a unified love-light field.
When we consistently maintaining love vibration, we experience a rise in vibration frequency.
And begin to in-body 5th-dimensional energies which are of love and creativity.
Ascension is being fully in-bodied yet vibrating at the highest possible frequency.
We no longer need to leave our bodies in order to ascend.
We can raise our vibration and step into the higher realms.
Ascension is the journey to home. Meditation is the ascension from humanity to divinity.
It is just getting closer to yourself.
Self is the source of wisdom. This happens by practice.
A seed takes time to germinate. We should practice, practice & practice.

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