Soulful Wisdom for enlightenment

Satsanga: Where "Satya" is attained, and after which nothing remains to be done.
That which never perishes, that which lasts forever, is called Satya or truth; like "Atma" or soul. "Atma" never perishes.
That which dies after taking birth, gets separated after being together, gets spoiled from what it was, has to be searched after getting lost, etc. This "Sharira" or body is Mithya.
Asatya :
Whatever can be said, but cannot be found or proven by searching, touching, etc., is called Asatya. Name of the body, caste of the body, Ashrama (Brahmachari, Householder, Sanyasi) of the body, etc. For example, you can not search your name anywhere in your body.
Sat Shastra :
The scriptures in which the unity of Jiva and Brahma has been rendered.
One who propounds and advises the unity of Jiva and Brahman.
Atma or Soul: Does not get cut by weapons, does not get burnt by fire, does not get wet by water, does not dry up by wind.
Soul does not change, it always stays the same.
Anatma: That which gets cut by a weapon, gets wet by water, gets burnt by fire, and dries up by wind. That which does not stay the same all the time. This body is Anatma.
SvayamPrakasha: One who illuminates all, but himself / herself / itself is not illuminated by anyone, is called SvayamPrakasha; Like "Atma" like "Paramatma" like "I".
Shiva: The living, with Prana, conscious element is called Shiva; Like I "Atma", like I "Paramatma"(Supreme Soul).
Paraprakasha: That which is known via others, that which does not do anything by itself, is called Paraprakasha.
Viveka: Knowing the difference between two mixed objects like "Jada-Chetana", "Drishya-Drashta", "Anatma-Atma", "Shava-Shiva", "ParaPrakasha-SvayamPrakasha", "Kshara-Akshara", "Kshetra-Kshetrajna", "Prakriti-Purusha", "Deha-Dehi", etc.
Shraddha: To have full faith in one's welfare in Sadguru and Satshastra.
Shat Shampatti: Shama, Dama, Shraddha, Titiksha, Uparamata, Samadhanata
Brahmanishtha: One who is established in Brahman. One who is free from attachment, malice, lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride. A Guru who epitomizes forgiveness, kindness, love, detachment, peace, patience, pure conduct within and without.

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