12 Meridians in Human Body

Published Date: 9/18/2021 6:11:59 AM

Meridians on Hands & Feet :

  • All the 12 meridians either start from the hands and feet or end there.
  • The 6 main meridians that begin or end in the hands are :
  1.  Large Intestine
  2.  Lung
  3.  Pericardium
  4.  Heart
  5.  Small Intestine
  6.  Triple Warmer

In acupressure, the meridians found in the feet are indirectly stimulated when the meridians in the hands are worked on, and vice versa, as the pathways of the meridians are interconnected. Stimulating an energy line will help to release the free flow of energy along the whole path, stimulating all the organs and body parts along the way.

Korean Acupressure Hand Points:

  • The Korean Acupressure has likened the hand to our complete body. Hence, the meridians that run throughout the body can be traced in the hand as well. In this way, the 12 meridians and 365 acupressure points are all located in the hands.

Indian Yogic Philosophy:

  • Our Indian Yogic Philosophy, as we all know, has likened each finger of our hand to an element.
  • The mudras are based on a combination of these principles, but mainly on the basis of the TCM pattern.

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