1081 Frequency: For Mineral Kingdom

Published Date: 10/22/2021 10:18:21 PM

  • 1081 frequency: 93.25% positive energy. It is like dark violet color. It will help mineral kingdom and the farmers who are meditators they will get knowledge to grow crops without pesticides; using Farm wastages.
  • We require minerals within our body. Inside soils, minerals are there. Inside water, minerals are there. After using this frequency, in that minerals, human give up the feelings and thought of destroying minerals. The mind of businessman of minerals, can change using this frequency.
  • For betterment of universe, if u use these frequency for 40 days, from inside changes will come from every soul. The quality will be change by going energy deep inside the soul.
    While using mineral kingdom energy, send it to farmers. If farmers utilize this energy with meditation, masters give knowledge to them about utilizing fruit wastage, green wastage instead of using medicine in farming.
  • Inside us, the imbalance of minerals corrects. And we take minerals from Earth core. Like we get pain while removing intestine, uterus from body, earth also feels pain. If we use 1081 frequency code, minerals regenerates from earth core. By using medicine, earthworms killed from soil. There are no earthworms there. If we use this frequency, earthworm family born again. For helping soil, coming with family they can support.

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