88451 Frequency: For Animal Kingdom

Published Date: 10/22/2021 10:17:55 PM

  • 88451 frequency: which is 100% positive and it is transparent also. It helps animal kingdom. This energy changes the humans mentality not kill them and be like friend.
  • Frequency Code: When we enter the house, we open the doors using the key.
    88451 Frequency is the Key code to enter in to the animal kingdom. We can , imagine, Visualize it. But with the visualization, we have to feel it. Once we have authorized key with us, we can go inside, we can collect whatever we want freely. Like that before we came to human life, we have taken animal kingdom life.
  • How animal kingdom live? We eat multiple times without thinking whether we are hungry or not. By seeing , By smell , you eat without thinking. Without think, that whether you body is require or not, you are eating. If you are hungry only you eat otherwise not. This quality you can take from animal kingdom. Once after eating the required amount no animal eat, but human beings eat. We can take that knowledge from there.
  • They live together, but never jealous to other animal. They take rest completely after their work is over. We have to learn these things from animals.
  • Some human beings harm to the animals. Through this energy we can change them. Frequently, if you use this frequency and spreading this frequency through out,
    frequently using this frequency and sending throughout the creature, the universe, those people can change themselves. They will get Atmagyana "Wisdom of soul". They will prepare themselves to know about the meditation. They will become vegetarian. They will listen "Wisdom of soul". From this, they can change.
  • From this, they can come inside. If you are using this frequency frequently and when you enter into the animal kingdom, you will feel oneness consciousness.
  • You can see there is any lion, tiger, animal is there. If you see with that frequency near any animal in dream also, you will overcome fear because you can see yourself in those animals. We can feel animal as a soul although we see body.
  • From animal kingdom we can learn "We must eat according to our need, not for greed". We can leave jealousy.

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