Types of frequencies

Published Date: 8/25/2021 4:47:49 AM

  • 4-7 Hz: Purple Electric Waves/ Theta Waves
  • 174 Hz: Reducing pain physically and energetically, Pain Relief frequency
  • 228 Hz: Root Chakra Awakening
  • 285 Hz: Rejuvenating energy
  • 396 Hz: Relieving grief, guilt, fear
  • 417 Hz: Facilitating change, transforming negative energy
  • 432 Hz: Restoring well-being, releasing emotional blockages, Deep Sleep
  • 444 Hz: Floating in space
  • 528 Hz: Inducing deep inner peace, healing, reduces Stress, Boosts Energy, repairing DNA, Love Frequency
  • 639 Hz: Enhancing communication and understanding, Heal your heart chakra
  • 741 Hz: Promoting self-expression, realizing solutions, Remove Toxins & negativity
  • 777 Hz: Attract Positivity, Luck, Abundance (Powerful Healing Energy)
  • 852 Hz: Cleansing destructive energies, Awakening intuition, Raise your energy vibration
  • 936 Hz: Pineal Gland Activation Frequency (Third Eye Opening)
  • 963 Hz: Connecting with oneness, Spirit Guides, Higher self frequency, Awaken Kundalini
  • 999 Hz: Angelic Realms, Manifest what you desire
  • 1111 Hz: Master Frequency ("11:11"Ascension Gateway)
  • Food has a frequency. Ultra-processed foods are between 0-5 MHz.
  • Organic foods are between 50-60 MHz.
  • Super-foods and Heirloom plants are 160-210 MHz.
  • "Nutri-medicinal" substances like herbs, Irish Moss, Shilajit and medicinal mushrooms are between 210-320 MHz.
  • Consuming these high frequency substances have been regarded by Yogis and Monks as a way to raise your own frequency, which can result in heightened consciousness, vitality, higher thought forms and stronger intuition.

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