Basti Marma

Published Date: 9/18/2021 1:05:25 AM

Basti Marma (The bladder Marma):

  • Application: Bladder diseases, irritable bladder, exhaustion, and nervous disorders, menstrual disorders, sexual disorders, gynecological problems, prostate problems, flatulence, colon problems, back pain, hip pain.
  • Significance: The bladder is the seat of the lowest of the three main Marmas. Instinctive consciousness with its earthly feelings and sexual needs manifests in the bladder Marma. If it is healthy, it gives basic trust; we can let ourselves go and feel grounded and secure.
  • Control function: The bladder Marma controls the second Chakra, excretion (Apana Vata), especially of the urinary organs but also of the colon, and menstruation. It stores sexual energy and controls the function of the sex organs. As one of the three main Marmas, it is responsible for a wide range of physical functions. The main energy channel springing from it, the bladder meridian, starts on the inner corners of the right and left eye and runs as a pair over the frontal sinuses, skull, neck, back, and legs to the outer side of the little toes.
  • The immediate effect of healing Basti marma: Relaxation in the lower abdomen, calming of the mind, reduced tension in the lower back, general reassurance.
  • How to find Basti: The Marma is exactly over the bladder, just above the pubic bone. It is about the size of a palm, which is about the size of the urinary bladder. In its center is the Bindu, containing the highest concentration of Prana.
  • You have to place your right hand on the Basti marma, and the left hand on the hridaya marma. You can set a timer of 3 minutes for this healing process. Now you have to start massaging the Basti marma with your right hand in the cycles of 1 - 3 - 5 - 7. While massaging visualize that u are sending healing energy & activating the marma.
  •  1 - 3 - 5 - 7 rhythm

    1: Stimulates the formation of the finest fluid, Ojas, and starts its flow.

    3: Harmonize the three Doshas and bring them into tune.

    5: Touch the five elements, Mahabhutas, and create balance in them.

    7: Transport Ojas to the seven tissues, the Dhatus, and strengthen them.

  • Take deep breaths after every cycle, so the body’s intelligence is able to operate and heal. So massage in a clockwise direction in the rhythm of 1-3-5-7. Do this for 3 minutes.
  • FOR PARTNER TREATMENT - You have to follow the same process as your partner.


Ashok Santram Magar
Supply tu treatment in video format.
11/9/2022 8:37:17 PM
Bhasker Patel
Please explain what is meant by massaging the basti marma in the rhythm 1-3-5-7.many thanks
7/17/2023 5:38:59 AM

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