Hridaya Marma

Published Date: 9/18/2021 1:03:06 AM

Hridaya Marma (The great heart Marma):

  • The heart is seen in Ayurveda as the seat of the soul (Atma) and, for this reason, Hridaya is the most important of all the Marmas. Connections emerge from Hridaya to all the other Marmas. It is a vessel Marma.
  • Application: Nervous heart complaints, sorrow, strengthening of self-confidence, supportive treatment for organic and vegetative heart disorders, circulatory disorders, stress-related high blood pressure, spinal weakness and discomfort, chest disease, diseases of the lungs and bronchial infections. Has health benefits for the entire organism; is involved in the formation of breast milk.
  • Significance: The harmonization of Hridaya bestows inner peace and opens the heart for love and compassion, but also strengthens courage, confidence, warmth and cordiality, humour, inner happiness and emotional intelligence.
  • Control function: The heart Marma controls all the energy pathways and Marmas of the organism, the great blood vessels that supply the respiratory system and the lymphatic system, and the channels that distribute the first essence of food "Rasa". The heart is the main seat of Ojas, the basis of immunity, happiness, health and joy of life. Its Marma controls the fourth Chakra and is the seat of emotional intelligence (Sadhaka "Pitta").
  • Immediate effect: The treatment deepens breathing, calms the heart and simultaneously has a warming effect on the solar plexus. Also Brihati Marma (the Marma on the back exact opposite of the Hridaya marma, is calmed and strengthened by the treatment of Hridaya). Brihati is, figuratively speaking, the male partner of the heart, watching its back and supporting it in all issues. It, too, is a vessel Marma.


  • Self-treatment: Sit comfortably and upright. Soothingly place the left hand on the navel, in such a way that the centre of our palm touches the navel. (the centre of our palms is called - Talahridaya marma). The little finger points vertically down towards the bladder.
  • Place the right hand over the breastbone over our heart, as shown in the picture below. You need to massage this Hridaya marma with your right palm - With your palm in this position and fingers slightly stretched, massage clockwise gently and very softly.
  • Continue doing this for 3 minutes, and while massaging, you must visualise that you are sending healing energy to the Hridaya marma and are going to tap into the benefits of healing this marma which I’ve mentioned above, under the application & significance of Hridaya marma.

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