Kshipra Marma

Published Date: 9/18/2021 1:09:08 AM


  • There are 4 kshipra marmas. Between the index fingers & the thumbs of both our hands & foot.
  • With the healing of the Kshipra marma of the left hand, you can do the healing of the Kshipra marma of the foot, in the exact same way. You can do the healing of foot kshipra marma with your right hand on either of the foot.


  • Application: Dissolving cramps, bronchitis, asthma, stimulation of lymphatic flow, colds, sore throat, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, neck tension, arm pain, shoulder pain, constipation, pain in general, Vata disorders, nervous exhaustion, depression from exhaustion, thyroid disorders.
  • Significance: Kshipra sits in the ‘webbing’ between the fingers. It is an important and also easily accessible tendon Marma with a particular connection to the lymphatic system, the respiratory organs, maxillary sinuses, throat, tonsils, cervical spine, shoulder, colon, and nervous system. Kshipra is responsible for rapid movement and quick thinking, and it activates memory.
  • Control function: The Kshipra between the thumb and index finger is the Sangam, the confluence of the energy pathways of the large intestine and lungs. It is a so-called source point, has a strong connection with Prana (respiratory and nervous systems), strengthens the immune system, calms Vata, soothes pain, opens the large intestine meridian, acts on the face (eyes, nose, mouth, and ears) and is traditionally used for colds, sweating, fever, facial paralysis, face- and headaches, dental pain, swelling and eye diseases.


  • Application: Relieving cramp (foot and leg cramp), pain in the big toe, liver and gallbladder disease, colds and respiratory disorders, headache and toothache, urinary retention, sleep disorders, back pain, nervous heart complaints.
  • Significance: By walking barefoot we activate Kshipra, strengthen the lymph organs and digestive glands, and stay healthy. Kshipra affects the strength of the back and our overall posture.
  • Control function: The energy pathways of the stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, and bladder all run through this Marma. Like Kshipra on the hands, it also acts on the respiratory organs, sinuses, tonsils, and nervous system. It keeps the spine flexible and the heart elated.

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