Sthapani Marma

Published Date: 9/18/2021 1:00:14 AM

Sthapani Marma
Sthapni Marma - located between our eyebrows is related to Kapha dosha

How to find Sthapani?

It is located slightly above and between the eyebrows. Another point with similar characteristics, the center of the sixth Chakra, lies at the center of the forehead (‘Netri Marma’, the Marma of the middle of the forehead). Sthapani is connected with it. Both are included in the treatment.

You can do the healing of the sthapani marma, as demonstrated above with your palms & you can also use the below mentioned essential oils - sandalwood, lotus, basil, rose (for a calming and cooling effect); saffron (for hormone regulating); mint, eucalyptus (to feel refreshed & activate your sthapani marma). The best time to do this is early morning or late night (you can directly use your palms or any of the essential oils.

Apart from this, you must spend at least 15 minutes under the morning sun, as the sunlight stimulates this marma. You can go to a park or your terrace, where sunlight falls on your head, and you must chant "om" and visualize that sunlight is activating the sthapani marma. Om is the mantra for Ajna chakra & helps to activate sthapani marma.

Self Treatment:

Circular Massage with the palm of the hand: Sit comfortably upright, close the eyes and put your right hand with the center of the palm on the Marma and the left one on the heart. Perform a gentle, calm, circular massage; from your point of view, this is anti-clockwise (from the front seen as clockwise).

Repeat several times. At the end of the last cycle leave your hand on the point for a few breaths and enjoy the silence. Then relax for a few minutes.

Treatment time: 3-5 minutes.

Partner Treatment:

Stand to the right of your partner with your left hand on the back of their head and the right one a few inches in front of the forehead. You may either touch the forehead and the back of the head or maintain a distance according to the well-being of the partner. Sometimes if the forehead has become hot as a result of stress and over-thinking, it feels good to first apply to the forehead a cool, damp cloth soaked with rose water and to start the treatment after the forehead has cooled down and become calmer. Then treat as described in self-treatment. Gently support the junction of the head and neck (Krikatika Marma) with your left hand.

Treatment time: 2-3 minutes.

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