Scientific Name: Eclipta prostrata
Higher Classification: Eclipta
Family Name: Asteraceae
Rank Name: Species
Order Name: Asterales
Kingdom: Plantae


Published Date: 6/17/2023 5:56:15 AM

What is Bhringaraj :

Bhringaraj oil is dense and has a higher specific gravity as compared to other oils. For this reason, it can penetrate deep into the scalp and treat dryness. Bhringraj oil can be warmed and applied to hair to treat dandruff. It also provides relief from the itchiness and greasiness caused by dandruff. (More Details)


Bhringaraj is available in the form of powder or "churna", juice or "kashayam", juice or "asava", oil or "tailam".

What are its benefits:

  • Bhringaraj oil is said to alleviate inflammation when massaged into the scalp or skin. It can also increase the thickness and luster of hair as well as prevent graying and split ends.
  • Bhringaraj oil is thought to induce calm, relieve stress, and promote sleep. Combined with the herb ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) can significantly reduce oxidative stress on the brain that contributes to Alzheimer's disease.
  • Bhringaraj works in the nervous system, calming both pitta and Vata, it can be a wonderful ally for a peaceful sleep.
  • Bhringaraj can be found in our Liver Formula tablets, which help to detoxify and rejuvenate the liver, and in Healthy Pitta¬†tablets, which support overall health and well-being by cooling the system and maintaining a proper balance of pitta dosha.

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