Castor Oil

Scientific Name: Ricinus communis
Higher Classification: Ricinus
Rank Name: Species

Castor Oil

Published Date: 6/17/2023 6:00:04 AM

Castor oil has antibacterial properties, can be used for fighting acne, stomach cleansing promotes overall skin growth.

What are its benefits :

  • Natural Laxative: Castor oil is highly valued as a natural laxative like cumin¬†and aloe vera. The laxative properties of castor oil increase the movement of muscles which freely pushes bowel materials via the intestine and clears the waste. Castor oil when ingested is broken down to ricinoleic acid in the small intestine and gets absorbed well.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects : The goodness of ricinoleic acid the major fatty acid in castor oil exhibits powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Castor oil when applied topically supports in lowering inflammation and alleviates pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil may be specifically beneficial in treating inflammation arthritis. Furthermore, the moisturizing properties of castor oil may be potent to ease dry and irritated skin issues in people with psoriasis.
  • Battles Fungal Infection: Fungal infection caused due to candida Albicans results in dental problems like plague growth, gum infections, and root canal infections. The strong antifungal properties of castor oil facilitate warding off bacteria and maintain the mouth fresh and healthy. It is also effective in treating denture-associated stomatitis, a painful condition caused due to candida Albicans from the infected tooth root. Moreover, brushing and soaking dentures in castor oil solution exhibited a remarkable reduction in Candida among elderly people using dentures.
  • Promotes Immunity : Castor oil is highly valued in traditional medicine for strengthening the immune system by increasing white blood cells. Evidence revealed that castor oil has the potential to boost the count of T11 cells and promote the secretion of lymphocytes in the blood within a few hours of use. Lymphocytes are the body's natural disease-fighters which can bout toxins, bacteria, fungus, virus, and other outside invaders and keep diseases at bay.
  • Eye Health : The strong anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil assist in improving cataracts, reduce dry eye and lower eye infections. It is also effective in reducing dark circles under the eyes.


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